Thursday, November 10, 2016

FIREBALL Cigars? Apparently It's a Thing

On November 6th, Sazerac Brands, LLC (the manufacturer of Fireball whiskey) filed another federal trademark application for FIREBALL. But unlike the four other trademark applications or registrations for FIREBALL Sazerac owns, this application wasn't for whiskey. Instead, Sazerac filed it in Class 34 for "cigars."
I, for one, was unaware Sazerac sold FIREBALL cigars. But according to the trademark application they have been doing so at least as early as December 2014. Do these cigars taste like Fireball? Or are they normal cigar branded with the Fireball marks?

I suppose this shouldn't be much of a surprise though, considering the manufacturer of Jack Daniel's whiskey owns 121 live federal trademark applications or registrations for marks containing JACK DANIEL'S that cover a wide variety of goods and services (including spices, musical instrument amplifiers, and outdoor furniture).

According to my quick search, Sazerac Brands owns 596 live federal trademark applications or registrations, five of those related to FIREBALL.

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