Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Freddie Mac Logo? Mortgage Giant Files Design Trademarks

Mortgage giant Freddie Mac may be in the processing of implementing a new logo based on a recent trademark applications filed by the organization. On October 8th, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation filed a federal trademark application for the design below as it relates to "financial and real estate services in the field of mortgage loans and mortgage-backed or mortgage related securities[.]" 
Although the color scheme is similar, this mark is a departure from the current logo displayed on Freddie Mac's website
The mark above was also filed by Freddie Mac on the same day for the same services. The intent-to-use basis of these applications (meaning Freddie Mac isn't using them yet), and the fact that I could not find these designs anywhere on the internet, signals that Freddie Mac is in the process of re-branding.

Freddie Mac's strategic use of intent-to-use based trademark applications allows the organization to secure priority in mark before it is even being used. These applications are permissible and lawful as long as Freddie Mac had a bona fide intention to use the marks in the near future prior to filing. Keep an eye out for a logo change by Freddie Mac soon.

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