Monday, January 4, 2016

Production Company Behind Ancient Aliens Files Trademark for Possible New Show

Prometheus Entertainment, Inc., the LA-based production company behind America's Book of Secrets, Ancient Aliens, and In Search of Aliens, continued its tradition of conspiracy themed television shows (with a focus on aliens in particular) with a recent federal trademark filing. On December 30th, the production company filed a federal trademark application for ALIEN QUEST.
The intent-to-use application listed the following related services on the application: "Entertainment services, namely, an ongoing series featuring non-fiction documentary subject matter regarding historical landmarks, cultures, artifacts and phenomena and possible connections to the influence of visits to Earth by extraterrestrial life forms, and connections between such visits to unsolved mysteries provided through broadcast television, cable television, satellite television and online networks[.]" 

This application suggests that the production company is working on another television show called "Alien Quest" that focuses on alien visits to Earth. Previously, the company has worked with the History Channel, E!, A&E, and the Travel Channel, among others, and one of these channels may be the home of this new show within the next couple years.

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