Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Empire State Building Owner Files Trademark Application for WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS BUILDING

The Empire State Building (or, more appropriately, ESRT Empire State Building, LLC, a legal entity that appears to own the building) filed an application to register WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS BUILDING as a federal trademark on March 7th.
The services covered by the application (all of which have a first use date of February 2, 2017), are numerous and span from providing real estate leasing, to providing facilities for film and photograph production, to providing facilities for wedding ceremonies.  The full list of services covered by the application is as follows:
  • Promoting the goods and services of others by licensing images of an iconic building; providing facilities for business meetings (Class 35);
  • Real estate services, namely, leasing of commercial property, namely, gift shop space; leasing of restaurant space (Class 36);
  • Rental of telecommunication facilities; rental of equipment for radio and television broadcasting (Class 38);
  • Entertainment services, namely, providing observation decks in a skyscaper for sightseers; entertainment in the nature of laser and light shows; providing facilities for film and photo production; providing facilities for sports tournaments; educational services, namely, providing displays and exhibits in the field of engineering, construction and sustainability; educational services, namely, training educators and parents in the fields of social studies, science and technology, American history and geography and providing curricula in connection therewith (Class 41);
  • Providing a web site that gives computer users the ability to upload and share user-generated images (Class 42);
  • Providing general purpose facilities for media, celebrity and brand events; providing conference, exhibition and meeting faculties; providing banquet and social function facilities (Class 43);
  • Providing facilities for wedding ceremonies (Class 45)
This application follows a decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board last year that sustained the ESRT Empire State Building, LLC's opposition to a beer company's use of the Empire State Building in a logo for beer, holding that the beer logo was likely to dilute a design mark owned by ESRT for the outline of the Empire State Building. The TTAB deemed that mark to be famous.

According to my quick search, ESRT Empire State Building, LLC owns 13 active applications or registrations with the Trademark Office, including several for EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, and a registration for THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS OFFICE BUILDING covering real estate management and leasing services.

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