Monday, March 21, 2016

SoulCycle Files Trademark Application for Yellow Wheel Design

On March 16th, the popular spinning franchise SoulCycle filed a federal trademark application for the yellow wheel seen below (they did claim yellow as a feature of the mark).
The services listed on the application are too numerous to cleanly list, but are all in Class 041 for a variety of fitness and entertainment services. Examples include "[p]hysical fitness training services...physical fitness conditioning classes...providing podcasts via video and audio in the fields of exercise..[and] the production and distribution of a television channel, in the fields of exercise fitness, wellness and personal development." The company also filed trademark applications for the same design related to a variety of fitness software in Class 009 and clothing in Class 025 on the same day.
The application lists a first use date of May 2006 [I had no idea SoulCycle has been around so long - ed.]. According to my two minute Google research, the yellow wheel adorns SoulCycle spinning bikes, storefronts, and the company's website.

Another quick search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office's website revealed the company holds 59 live trademark applications or registrations for mainly a variety of SOUL- and bike wheel related marks.

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