Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Pabst Brewing Company Restaurant? Maybe, Based on Recent Trademark Application

Do you love the taste of a cold PBR? Do you think it tastes like George Washington going down your throat to fight the Redcoats? Do you love it so much you wish Pabst had its own restaurant so you could enjoy its food while drinking its beer? If so, you might be in luck.
On August 3rd, the Pabst Brewing Company filed a federal trademark application for PABST in Class 043 for "[r]estaurant services." The company filed this trademark application on an intent-to-use basis, which indicates it is not using the mark in conjunction with these services in commerce yet, but has a bona fide intention to do so in the near future. In other words, the Pabst Brewing Company is potentially considering opening a restaurant under the PABST name.

According to my quick search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database, Pabst Brewing Company owns 271 live trademark applications or registrations, although this one is the first one for PABST as it relates to restaurant services.

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