Friday, August 7, 2015

Konami Gaming Files Trademarks for Line of Slot Machines

On August 1st, Konami Gaming, a Las Vegas based provider of casino gaming machines, filed 20 different federal trademark applications related to slot machines (equating to a $4,500 investment in filing fees). All the applications, except CELTIC TREASURES, were filed as intent-to-use applications. This means Konami Gaming is not yet using these names in commerce but has a bona fide intention to use them in the near future.
If Konami Gaming is successful in obtaining registrations for these marks, no other person or entity will be able to use similar names on goods related to slot machines without risking infringement.The names Konami Gaming filed are:
  1. Celtic Treasures;
  2. Freya's Magic;
  3. Premium Pays;
  4. Ultra Reels 972 Ways;
  5. DynamicDash;
  6. Rhino King;
  7. Fabulous Goddess;
  8. Wild 3X Wild;
  9. Safari Stacks;
  10. Wings of the Phoenix;
  11. Wheel of the Imperial Eggs;
  12. Samurai Strike;
  13. Martial Arts Lady;
  14. Golden Power Ingots;
  15. Warrior Reloaded;
  16. Festival of Riches;
  17. Overflowing Stacks;
  18. Great Wilds Spinnin';
  19. Glittering Stacks; and
  20. China Shores Jackpot.
These machines may be making an appearance in your local casino soon. Good luck!