Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Paul G. Allen's Vulcan Files Six Trademark Applications Related to Space Travel

Here's a goods/services description you don't see on many federal trademark applications - "[t]ransportation of passengers and/or goods by space travel" in Class 039. But on August 19th, Vulcan Aerospace Corporation filed a trademark application for VULCAN SPACE as it relates to those services. It also filed five more applications on the same day for VULCAN SPACE and VULCANSPACE covering various other space travel-related services.
The other services covered by Vulcan's application include:
  • "Business research services in the field of space, space travel and the space industry; Promoting collaboration within the scientific, research and provider communities to achieve advances in the field of space, space travel and the space industry; Promoting public interest and awareness of space travel" in Class 035; and
  • "Development of new technology for others in the field of space travel; Providing an on-line searchable database in the field of space travel for scientific research purposes" in Class 042.
Vulcan filed applications for VULCAN SPACE and VULCANSPACE in each of these three classes (hence six different applications), although that probably was not necessary (the addition of a space between the words probably does not change the commercial impression of the mark). In other words, a registration for VULCAN SPACE would likely prevent another from registering VULCANSPACE for related services because the marks are so similar. See TMEP 1207.01(b)(ii). But if you're a company getting into the private space travel business, I doubt you're worried about a couple hundred extra dollars in trademark filing fees.

According to my quick research, Vulcan, Inc. is a private company in Seattle, Washington focused on "solv[ing] some of the biggest global issues." It was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen. Vulcan Aerospace, Inc., first announced in April 2015, appears to be a subsidiary focused on space travel.

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