Monday, February 26, 2018

Baker Mayfield's Agent Files Application to Register BAKER MAYFIELD as Trademark for Variety of Apparel & Entertainment Services (Including a Religious Television Series)

Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner, is one of the top prospects going into this year's NFL draft. And it he appears he is seeking to capitalize on the popularity of his name (and protect it) by filing an application to register it as a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
On February 24th, Baker Mayfield's agency - Waterhouse Hayes, LLC - filed an application to register BAKER MAYFIELD as a trademark for a variety of apparel in Class 25 and a variety of entertainment services in Class 41. Jacob Perler of Waterhouse Hayes, LLC signed the application.

Some of the goods and services covered by this application include:
  • Men's, women's and children's clothing associated with a professional sports athlete or entertainment celebrity, namely, sports caps and hats, bandanas, sports pants, sports shirts, swimsuits, fitted shirts...;
  • Football, Basketball, and any Sports coaching;
  • Television entertainment, namely, an ongoing television series featuring content in the field of sports and religion;
  • Electronic and video games;
  • Entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a celebrity and athlete; and
  • Charitable services, namely, providing sporting goods and camps to underprivileged children
Baker's agency filed this application on an intent-to-use basis, indicating the athlete is not using his name as a trademark in conjunction with all these goods and services yet, but has a bona fide intention to do so in the near future. 15 U.S.C. 1051(b); TMEP 806.01(b). Before this application can register, he'll need to actually start using his name as a trademark in conjunction with these goods or services and submit sufficient proof of same to the Trademark Office. TMEP 1103.

In addition to possibly clarifying some of the listed goods and services (which must be concise and cannot be indefinite), the Trademark Office will require Baker Mayfield to give his written consent to the registration of his name as a trademark. Section 2(c) of the Trademark Act prohibits the registration of a trademark that comprises the name or signature of a living individual without that individual's written consent. TMEP 1206 et seq. That consent was not submitted with the application.

According to my quick search, this is the first trademark application for BAKER MAYFIELD filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, it appears to be the first federal trademark application filed by Waterhouse Hayes, LLC.

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