Monday, December 14, 2015

Emojis Strike Again - EMOJIBALMS Trademark Filed

Several federal trademark applications related to emojis have been filed in 2015. I've blogged about EMOJI CARDS and EMOJI BANDAGES myself. The most recent offender is a federal trademark application for EMOJIBALMS filed on December 9th. The application is for "non-medicated balms for use on lips" and was filed by IP Branding Group, LLC out of Highland Park, Illinois.
This is a design mark application for the logo above. IP Branding Group filed this application on an intent-to-use basis, so [unfortunately] you cannot find EMOJIBALMS in the stores yet (because the intent-to-use basis means company has not yet started selling the lip balm).

To recap, I've found emoji-related trademarks for a card game, bandages, and lip balm in 2015. As the emoji trademark field gets more crowded, it will become more difficult to file emoji-related trademarks (for example, if the EMOJIBALM application matures to a registration, you will likely be precluded from filing another trademark containing the term EMOJI for anything related to lip balm). So, if you have an emoji-related product, hurry up and get the trademark filed so you can claim exclusive rights to the term as it relates to your particular goods or services. I expect to see many more EMOJI trademark applications filed in the future.

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