Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sony Pictures Files Trademark Application for LOS POLLOS HERMANOS

Fans of AMC's Breaking Bad know the infamous Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant well. And although the show ended three years ago, Sony Pictures Television, Inc. (the U.S. distributor of the show according to IMDB.com) just took an important step in controlling the use of the fictional restaurant's name on various goods in the form of a federal trademark application.
On September 22nd, Sony Pictures filed a federal trademark application for LOS POLLOS HERMANOS in three different classes:
  • Class 018 for "wallets, phone cases, tote bags, backpacks, duffel bags, briefcases, luggage and umbrellas;"
  • Class 021 for various home items, including mugs, plates, bowls, bottle openers, lunch boxes, and paper cups and paper plates;
  • Class 025 for various clothing items.
Sony Pictures filed this application on an intent-to-use basis. If the application registers, Sony will obtain the exclusive, nationwide right to use the name LOS POLLOS HERMANOS on those goods listed in the application (although it's possible Sony claims broader common law rights in the phrase already).

According to my quick search, this application is the first and only application filed by Sony Pictures for the LOS POLLOS HERMANOS mark.

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