Wednesday, December 21, 2016

NBA Revives Chicago Stags Brand With Recent Trademark Application

Staying with the NBA for a second day in a row, although this recent filing isn't for a new DUNKTASTIC term.  Rather, this filing is related to a vintage NBA team.  On December 16th, NBA Properties, Inc. filed a federal trademark application for CHICAGO STAGS.
According to my quick research, the Chicago Stags were an NBA team based in Chicago for a short period between June 1946 and September 1950.  With this recent trademark application, the NBA appears to be reviving this old brand. 
But don't get excited about the Bulls changing their name, or another NBA team popping up in Chicago.  The recent CHICAGO STAGS trademark application covers only a variety of clothing items in Class 25, including basketball shoes, t-shirts, jerseys, bathing suits, and hats (but nothing related to entertainment services in the form of live basketball games).

NBA Properties has filed similar CHICAGO STAGS trademark applications for clothing in the past, namely in the 1990's, including an application for the logo seen above filed in 1993.  None of those previous applications, which were all filed on an intent to use basis (like the one here), ever registered.

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