Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Twentieth Century Fox Files Multiple Trademark Applications for Golden "E"

On August 5th, Twentieth Century Fox filed 16 federal trademark applications for the golden letter "E" below. The logo is described as a "stylized letter E in gold with an image of the vinyl player" in the applications.
Each application contains different goods or services that Twentieth Century Fox plans to market under this logo (based on the applications, they are not doing so currently). These goods and services range anywhere from online retail store services featuring fashion accessories to tobacco and cigars, alcoholic beverages, clothing, Christmas ornaments, toys, household items, toiletries, candies, energy drinks, and much more.

The above accessories and goods seem to be related to an application filed by Twentieth Century Fox on the same day for 
Pre-recorded DVDs featuring drama; pre-recorded CDs featuring drama and musical performances; downloadable audio and video recordings featuring drama; downloadable television shows and video recordings featuring drama[.]
It's not clear what Twentieth Century Fox is planning for this stylized "E" but the expansive degree of trademark protection sought for this logo suggests those plans may be big. Stay tuned.

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