Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kansas Bank Files Trademark for FRAT CARD

For some reason, the Bank of Prairie Village in Prairie Village, Kansas has apparently decided to develop a line of debit cards directed at fraternity men and sorority women. The Bank filed four different federal trademark applications on October 1st for the following marks: FRAT CARD, FRATERNITY MAN CARD, SORORITY GIRL CARD, and SORORITY CARD.
All of these applications are intent-to-use applications (which means the bank is not selling these cards yet but has a plan to do so in the near future) and are related to "Banking services; Debit card services[.]"

Is Prairie Village even near a campus? Are these cards available to all college students or is a fraternity membership card required? What about alumni? Does the front of the card depict a game of beer pong? 

Many questions surround this card but they start to make sense when one see the picture of the Bank's office on St. Patrick's Day - they are definitely fraternity men (as a fraternity man myself it is acceptable to make these judgments). I wouldn't be surprised to see a trademark application for FRAT BANK follow the trademarks above.

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