Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Marvel Files 9 Trademark Applications for Spider-Man Logo

On July 7th, Marvel Characters, Inc. filed nine different federal trademark applications for what appears to be a Spider-Man logo (seen below).
Marvel filed each application in a different class (hence the nine different applications for the same logo) and on an intent-to-use basis (meaning it is probably not using the marks yet). As I've blogged about before, putting each class on a separate application is likely a strategic move designed to ensure that a problem with one application does not hold up the others (as it would if all the classes were listed on one application).

Some of the goods and services covered by these trademark applications include educational and entertainment services (Class 041), toys and games (Class 028), clothing (Class 025), and video game software and computer programs (Class 009).

The broad range of protection sought for this logo suggest that Marvel might have big plans for it. Is this logo related to the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie that is currently being filmed? Not much is known about the film so far. However, early pictures from the film show Spider-Man on a bicycle, and the logo above looks strangely like a bicycle tire. Coincidence?

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