Friday, September 1, 2017

Rashad Jennings Files Application to Register His Signature as a Trademark

On August 28th, NFL running back and Dancing With The Stars winner Rashad Andre Jennings filed a federal trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for his signature, seen below.
The application, which claims a first use date of February 2014, covers:
Entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a sports celebrity; providing a website on a global computer network featuring information about appearances, accomplishments, exploits and biography of a professional football player; fan club services; charitable services, namely, academic mentoring of inner city youth.
This isn't the first trademark application filed by Rashad, and it's not the only one covering charitable services. Mr. Jennings owns a federal trademark registration for MEET US AT THE FIFTY, covering christian ministry services, and for SHAD SQUAD covering "Charitable foundation services, namely, providing financial support to youth for literacy, mentorship and health and fitness." In 2016, he also filed trademark applications for the words OAK HAUS and a stylized "OH" design, both covering hats, pants, and shirts, and an application for SHAD THE POET covering t-shirts.

As with any application that pertains to the name, portrait, or signature of a particular living individual, a consent statement must be signed by the individual identified by the trademark. TMEP 1206.04(a); 15 USC 1052(c). Mr. Jennings submitted this consent with his SHAD THE POET application (seen above), but not this most recent application for his signature. Because the SHAD THE POET application has not matured into a registration yet, it's likely Mr. Jennings will need to submit a similar statement with this application as well. TMEP 1206.04(c).

This isn't the first time I've blogged about a celebrity filing a trademark application for his or her signature. In January 2016, I blogged about an application filed by Jay Leno for his unique signature. That application has since matured into a registration.

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