Friday, January 15, 2016

Ford Files Trademark Application For New FORDPASS App

On January 11, as it was being announced to the public, Ford Motor Company, Inc. filed a federal trademark application for FORDPASS.
Ford filed the application in a variety of classes, but the most interesting services are the "Online services" listed in Class 039. Some highlights of services listed in that class include:
  • vehicle routing by computer on data networks responsive to monitored pollution data to reduce exposure of persons to pollution;
  • vehicle routing by computer on data networks to avoid traffic and weather conditions or to find prompt access to medical care;
  • vehicle routing by computer on data networks to available parking spaces; and
  • routing of vehicles to avoid traffic.
The services listed give us a glimpse into some of the features available in the application. It looks like the application, which is available to both Ford owners and non-Ford owners, is a push by Ford to become a mobility company in addition to an automaker. Based on the 44(d) filing basis for this application, Ford has filed trademark applications for FORDPASS in other countries as well. According to Forbes, the application is set to launch in the U.S. in April 2016.

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