Thursday, February 18, 2016

Apple Files Trademark Applications for SMART CONNECTOR Interface

On February 13th, Apple, Inc. filed federal trademark applications for SMART CONNECTOR and APPLE SMART CONNECTOR in Class 009 for "electrical and electronic connectors; electronic connectors for handheld mobile digital electronic devices and keyboards." These applications refer to the new design interface that allows communication between Apple's Smart Keyboard and the iPad Pro, as seen below.
These trademark applications are not to be confused with patent applications. Trademarks will only protect the terms SMART CONNECTOR and APPLE SMART CONNECTOR as used on electronic connectors. In other words, it would prevent another person or entity from using a term similar to "Smart Connector" to describe some sort of electronic connector. It does not protect the way the Smart Connector works. A patent application is required for that.

These two applications bring the total number of federal trademark applications filed by Apple, Inc. to 936 (that's a lot of filing fees), with 716 of these filings still being active (applications not yet registered plus registrations), and 553 live, registered trademarks. That's quite a portfolio.

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