Thursday, February 25, 2016

Travel to the St. Thomas for SCOOPS & BREW

Next time you're in St. Thomas and have a craving for coffee and ice cream at the same time, stop by Scoops & Brew.
On February 22nd, the individual who owns the restaurant/coffee/ice cream shop filed a federal trademark application for the design mark seen above in Class 043 for "combination coffee bar and ice cream shop, and coffee and ice cream shop services in the nature of a restaurant." [I was hoping the "Brew" stood for beer, but coffee will do - ed.]. This trademark application, if it registers, will give the applicant the exclusive, nationwide right to use the logo above on coffee and ice cream shop related services.

According to the trademark application, the restaurant first started using this trademark on October 24, 2014. And after looking at their website, it looks delicious.

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