Monday, February 8, 2016

D.C. Comics Prepares for Wonder Woman Movie With Ten Trademark Filings

The new Wonder Woman movie isn't set to release for almost another year and a half (June 2017) but D.C. Comics is already taking steps to protect the movie's logo. On February 3rd, D.C. Comic E.C. Publications, Inc. filed ten federal trademark applications for the logo seen below.
D.C. filed each application in a different class of goods or services, hence the ten different applications for the same logo. By being in ten different classes, D.C. is attempting to secure a broad range of legal protection guarding against use of a similar logo on many different goods and services.

Some of the goods and services included in these applications are entertainment services related to video games, movies, and television shows, vegetable juice, cookies, toys and sporting goods, clothing, bags, books, jewelry, and cosmetics. D.C. filed each application on an intent-to-use basis, meaning the company is not currently using the marks in commerce yet (which makes sense given the release date of the movie).

It's not uncommon to see entertainment companies file trademark applications covering a wide range of goods and services prior to the release of a movie or television show. These trademark filings protect not only the show or movie itself, but also a wide range of merchandise associated with the goodwill generated by the production. The trademark filings prevent counterfeiters from filing similar marks, allow the company to more easily license use of the mark on a variety of goods, and help the company prevent counterfeit goods bearing the logo from entering the country.

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