Monday, September 21, 2015

Cooking Lessons From The Cheesecake Factory? Furniture?

Do you love The Cheesecake Factory? Do you love their food so much that you wished they gave lessons in cooking? You might be in luck.
On September 14th, TCF Co., LLC filed a federal trademark application for THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY Design above as it relates to "[e]ducational services, namely, providing instruction in the fields of cooking; [e]ntertainment services, namely, providing webcasts in the field of food preparation and cooking; [e]ntertainment services, namely, the provision of continuing segments featuring food preparation delivered by television or [.]"

The Cheesecake Factory currently owns 28 live trademark applications or registrations for its popular name, and this one appears to be an extension of a similar trademark filed last November. The Cheesecake Factory failed to respond to an office action prior to the deadline in that application, so they had to file this new one. It is an intent-to-use application, which indicates The Cheesecake Factory is not providing these cooking webcasts yet, but plans to do so soon.

Interestingly, TCF Co., LLC filed another trademark application on the same day for furniture. This application is also an intent-to-use application. Will you be able to stock your home with furniture from The Cheesecake Factory soon? We might find out in the near future.

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