Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Fanta Flavor Coming?

A new Fanta flavor may be hitting the shelves soon following a federal trademark application recently filed by the Coca-Cola Company (which owns the Fanta brand). On September 16th, the Coca-Cola Company filed an application for FANTA STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE as it relates to "frozen confections."
This is an intent-to-use trademark application, meaning Coca-Cola is not using the trademark yet but has plans to do so soon.

Coca-Cola does not appear to own any other federal registrations incorporating FANTA and frozen confections, but the company did obtain a registration for FANTA FREEZE in 2005 related to "frozen confections." This application was cancelled in September 2012 but the Trademark Office's database will not tell me why (technical issues, apparently).

Does Coca-Cola's recent FANTA STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE trademark represent a resurgence of frozen Fanta drinks? We might find out soon.

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